ROI calculator

Take 5 minutes to see how long it takes to recoup your investment in a vision system. Calculate how much you can spend on automating your quality control process to achieve the required ROI (Return Of Investment).

What is
ROI calculator?

The ROI calculator is a tool that will provide you with hard figures
on the automation of quality control. By using it, you will gain arguments
for supervisors and investors. You will also discover how much it really costs
You lack a vision system in your process.

ROI calculator - what is it good for?

You can use the ROI calculator to:

Remember that the accuracy of the calculation depends on the reliability of the data entered. Arrange a consultation with us,
to find out more about it.

How do I use the ROI calculator?

Operating our ROI calculator is quick and easy.
In less than 5 minutes you will have all the necessary
You will find this information in the detailed report.

Step 1

Select sectors where we can improve your production.

Step 2

Enter the data required to perform the calculations.

Step 3

Provide an e-mail address to which we will send the calculations in the form of a report.

Step 4

Use the professional ROI report to generate savings from your organisation's vision system.

Do you need help?

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The sum of your needs and our experiences

We built the ROI calculator based on the needs of our clients, drawing on our experience in quality control of production processes. It is a functional tool, providing reliable and objective data that cannot be argued with.

Any investment must have a business case. The ROI calculator enables you to verify the profitability of your project. No cost and no consequences. Try it out now.

Consult us about your needs in the area of machine vision and automated quality control.

Your line deserves modern quality control, you are doing yourself and your customers a favour. We will thoroughly investigate your situation, advise on planning a solution and prepare a budget quote – whether you are putting up a line from scratch or improving a current one.