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See how machine vision helps eliminate shortages (NOK, NG) from our customers' production lines:

Product control in these companies leads to a reduction in production costs, and also avoids losses due to complaints.
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How do we verify the correct installation of shock absorbers for one of the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry?

The entire shock absorber is controlled by 4 independently operating cameras integrated with a vision processor.

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How TPV maintains 100% error-free production of TV sets, among other things. for Philips already on nine lines in Gorzow.

TPV Displays Poland is a manufacturer of LCD and OLED TVs and SSBs. They produce in ODM and OEM form, and develop their own brands.

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How do we avoid errors in the critical manufacturing process of pharmaceutical preparations?

A vision system tasked with inspecting a bottle of drug preparation, where multiple components were inspected.