Vision control of 3D glasses.

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For one customer, 3 vision control stations for 3D glasses used in movie theaters were created. Each station is equipped with 7 Datalogic cameras that are designed to:

  • inspection of scratches and mechanical damage to plastic eyeglass frames
  • quality control of the print/logo on each earpiece
  • inspection of damage / dirt / inclusions on lenses and frames (defects at the size level of 0.5 mm)
  • control of curvature/deformation of eyeglass lenses (minimum 5mm diameter)
  • control of the correct polarization of each lens
  • checking the correctness of the installation of the temples (checking the breakage of the temple / its position and the angle of opening of the glasses).

The whole thing has been encapsulated in one compact and built-in workstation integrated with the customer’s conveyor belt. Inspection results are transmitted to the master control system and displayed on operator panels.

Eyewear quality control.

Logo Detection.


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