Vision inspection of vehicle reflectors.

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A vision system for inspecting the presence of embossed prints on car reflectors is a very interesting example of how knowledge of optics, lighting and optical filters can be used to create an application that at first glance seems impossible.

The task of the system we constructed is to detect the approval printing on car reflectors.

The system consists of twin stations, which allows simultaneous control of the right and left reflectors. Datalogic cameras were used in the project.

The inside of the reflector is made up of hundreds of tiny mirrors whose job is to reflect light in all directions. This construction makes it much more difficult to detect the embossed print on its surface. Fortunately, thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers, we were able to create a flawless inspection.

Datalogic P-series scanner

Inspection station (semi-automatic)

Inspection of the lighting element of the car

The resulting image after filtration


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